Software Title Software Description
- DreamWeaver - Dreamweaver is a powerful Web Design software that that uses both a code editor and a live view. Abode Dreamweaver lets users edit html, php, javascript, sql, and many other scripting languages.
- Pixeur Pixeur is an excellent software that allows you to grab any color from any are of your computer screen.
- Gimp Gimp is the best free online photo editing software available online. Enjoy the same features of Adobe Photoshop without the price.
- Notepad++ Notepad++ is a simple but powerful code editing software. Users can edit code in Perl, Php, Html, C+, Java, and many other scripting languages. Enjoy a powerful text editor with a smaller size, and less cpu usage.
- Filezilla FileZilla is an excellent freeware ftp client that is easy to use and packed with powerful features such as remote file search, drag and drop, and tabbed user interface.